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The legacy………..

Kozhikode - The city of spices, a major trade centre and port since medieval period, graciously hosted Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese navigator who landed at Kappad in 1498 attracted by the trade opportunities. Asia’s biggest and pioneer Soap Institute for soap manufacturing & training was established by the British in 1914 at Kozhikode, Kerala. Numerous persons were trained in soap manufacturing there-by making them self sufficient to start their own independent manufacturing units. The large scale use of coconut oil in soap manufacturing was also popularized by the time. The company boasts of having supplied toilet soaps regularly to Viceroy and elites of the Raj. The Oil and hydrogenation divisions of the factory were commenced at two factory locations Vellayil and Westhill in 1940 & 1953 respectively. The full fledged company was registered in 1963 as per Companies Act.
 In 1964 the Govt. of Kerala took over the company, registered and floated “Kerala Soaps and Oils Ltd”. Subsequently it went for a major expansion in 1976 by importing major automatic soap and glyceride plant from Italy. Apart from deluge product line in toilet soap/washing soap segment, the Company was also manufacturing Vanaspathi, Shark Liver oil, biopesticides and Vitamin supplements.
To carry forward the legacy of erstwhile Kerala Soaps and Oils Ltd, in all respects the company was revived in 2010 by Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd, (A Govt. of Kerala Undertaking). The great tradition in soap manufacturing which passed on from generations to generations is at present equipped with most modern automated state-of-the-art machinery having a capacity of 12000MT per annum.
Kerala Soaps
Government of Kerala presented “Kerala Soaps”, the new Soaps manufacturing unit as a “new year gift” to the people of Kerala in a fabulous ceremony. The unit set up by Kerala State Industrial Enterprises limited at Vellayil, Kozhikode envisages to produce the erstwhile brands, manufactured by Kerala Soaps & Oils Limited conceiving its legacy. The premium soaps like Kerala Sandal, Thrill introduced into the market have created a new sensation in the minds of the people. The Kerala sandal soap contains virgin sandal oil and is recommended as beauty soap. The brands like VEP Bathing Bar, Kairali Bathing Bar, Kerala Carbolic Soap bar (Coaltar) and “Washwell” detergent cake are available in all leading shops.

The creativity passed on from generations to generations has carved a niche for itself with excellence in quality generating new sensation and vibrancies in minds of the people. Apart from rigid formats focused on performance and at the end results.

The traditional quality and standards are assured from the beginning to end –Raw material selection to processing and packaging.

Our Hall-marks:

  1. Usage of oils and fats of vegetable origin ensures it is free from animal fat,

  2. Using sandalwood oil from Marayur- Natural sandalwood forest,

  3. Distinctive perfume selection,

  4. Hygienic production methods - free from human touch.


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